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EXPRESSING SATISFACTION & DISSATISFACTION PUBLISHED OCTOBER 26, 2012 BY RAISYAPALIS Expressing satisfaction is an expression for a feeling of happiness or pleasure because you have achieved something or got what you wanted. Dissatisfaction expression is a feeling we express when we do not get as enough as we hope and feel disappointed with some conditions, we must be dissatisfied. Example of informal expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction Satisfaction : •Super! •Great! •Terrific! •Fantastic! •Smashing! •Perfect Dissatisfaction : •Horrible! •Very sad! •Annoying! •Disappointing! •Frustrating! •How bad! Example Expressing Satisfaction -It is with great pleasure that…! -It gives me great satisfaction.. -I’m very pleased with it -A most delightful example of.. -What a beautiful story! -Great, love it. -I’m content with. Example Expressing Dissatisfaction -It is disappointing that.! -It is unacceptable -This is the limit I won’t take any more of… -Well, this is most unsatisfactory. -The concert is so boring. -What an awful meeting -It’s not as good as I thought. Formula of formal satisfaction expression 1. … to be + very pleased with … 2. … to be + content with … 3. … to be + satisfied with … 4. … to be + very delighted … Example : 1.I am very pleased with his attitude 2.She is satisfied with the result 3.I am very delighted with the taste of this soup Formula of formal dissatisfaction expression •1. … to be + displeased with … •2. … to be + discontented with … •3. … to be + dissatisfied with … •4. … to be + disappointed with … •5. … To be + not satisfied with… Example : 1. I am displeased with his attitude 2. I am discontented with the room service 3. I am disappointed with the concert Expressing Satisfaction Dialogue •Robert : How do you feel about this food? •Terry : Wow….. I am very satisfied. It’s very delicious. Great! •Robert : Yes, I think so. Would you have anymore? •Terry : Yes, of course. •Robert : I will take some for my younger sister. She’ll be very happy. •Terry : Yeah and I will take for my mom at home. •Robert : OK. Let’s go home. I never feel satisfied before. •Terry : So am I. Expressing Dissatisfaction Dialogue •Paul : Have you read today’s newspaper? •James : Not yet. Is it interesting? •Paul : Yes, the apology from the company. Take a look. The paper is over there. •James : (Picking up the newspaper and starting to read it) Is that all? •Paul : Yes. •James : This is not enough. I’m not satisfied yet. The size of the ads should have been half of the page. Besides, the company only apologized but they didn’t mention what they would do.

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