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Pengertian Advertisement Text In English iklan bahasa inggris 23.28 Posted by uswatun khasanah No Comments Pengertian Advertisement In English iklan bahasa inggris. After we discuss about invitation text . Now I want discuss about advertisement text . Do you know about Advertisement ? Explanation About Advertisement text Text advertisement is a text that has the objective to announce a something that appeals to many people and that adds a well-known product in all public.( Text advertisement adalah sebuah teks yang memiliki tujuan untuk mengumumkan sebuah sesuatu agar menarik bagi banyak orang dan agar suatu produk tambah terkenal di semua kalangan umum.) Purpose of Advertisement text (" Tujuan Advertisement ") The purpose of advertisement text. is to announce about a case or a product to the public, or in other words to introduce a product to the public in order to buy and attracted to the product being advertised ("Tujuan advertisement text. adalah untuk mengumumkan tentang suatu hal atau produk kepada masyarakat atau dalam kata lain untuk mengenalkan sebuah produk ke masyarakat agar dapat membeli dan tertarik kepada produk yang di iklankan") Advertisement text component Title is part of the advertisement text that is a major component or the main topic, Great Announcement Sample Sale Up to 50% on the banner at the supermarket or hypermarket.(''adalah bagian dari advertisement text yang merupakan komponen utama atau topik utama, Contoh Pengumuman Great sale Up to 50% pada baner yang ada di supermarket atau hypermarket ''. ) explanation Contains an explanation of what the content of the advertisements and usually accompanied by elephantiasis interesting words to attract visitors to be able to follow what is appropriate at the announcement of advertisement text.("Penjelasan berisikan tentang apa isi dari iklan tersebut dan biasanya disertai kata kata menarik untut menarik minat pengunjung agar dapat mengikuti apa yang ada sesuai pada pengumuman advertisement text.") For The Example you Can see At Here Untuk Contoh Lihat disini I say thanks for reading my article about Pengertian Advertisement Text In English iklan bahasa inggris and i say thanks for visit my site. Catatan: ( JIKA ANDA INGIN MENCETAK ARTIKEL INI GUNAKAN SNIPPINGTOOL di Komputer anda Terimakasih ) Share this


EXPRESSING SATISFACTION & DISSATISFACTION PUBLISHED OCTOBER 26, 2012 BY RAISYAPALIS Expressing satisfaction is an expression for a feeling of happiness or pleasure because you have achieved something or got what you wanted. Dissatisfaction expression is a feeling we express when we do not get as enough as we hope and feel disappointed with some conditions, we must be dissatisfied. Example of informal expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction Satisfaction : •Super! •Great! •Terrific! •Fantastic! •Smashing! •Perfect Dissatisfaction : •Horrible! •Very sad! •Annoying! •Disappointing! •Frustrating! •How bad! Example Expressing Satisfaction -It is with great pleasure that…! -It gives me great satisfaction.. -I’m very pleased with it -A most delightful example of.. -What a beautiful story! -Great, love it. -I’m content with. Example Expressing Dissatisfaction -It is disappointing that.! -It is unacceptable -This is the limit I won’t take any more of… -Well, this is most unsatisfactory. -The concert is so boring. -What an awful meeting -It’s not as good as I thought. Formula of formal satisfaction expression 1. … to be + very pleased with … 2. … to be + content with … 3. … to be + satisfied with … 4. … to be + very delighted … Example : 1.I am very pleased with his attitude 2.She is satisfied with the result 3.I am very delighted with the taste of this soup Formula of formal dissatisfaction expression •1. … to be + displeased with … •2. … to be + discontented with … •3. … to be + dissatisfied with … •4. … to be + disappointed with … •5. … To be + not satisfied with… Example : 1. I am displeased with his attitude 2. I am discontented with the room service 3. I am disappointed with the concert Expressing Satisfaction Dialogue •Robert : How do you feel about this food? •Terry : Wow….. I am very satisfied. It’s very delicious. Great! •Robert : Yes, I think so. Would you have anymore? •Terry : Yes, of course. •Robert : I will take some for my younger sister. She’ll be very happy. •Terry : Yeah and I will take for my mom at home. •Robert : OK. Let’s go home. I never feel satisfied before. •Terry : So am I. Expressing Dissatisfaction Dialogue •Paul : Have you read today’s newspaper? •James : Not yet. Is it interesting? •Paul : Yes, the apology from the company. Take a look. The paper is over there. •James : (Picking up the newspaper and starting to read it) Is that all? •Paul : Yes. •James : This is not enough. I’m not satisfied yet. The size of the ads should have been half of the page. Besides, the company only apologized but they didn’t mention what they would do.

asking and giving opinion

ASKING & GIVING OPINION meminta dan memberikan pendapat Opinion includes the words of opinion and argument/ reasons. Opinion dialogue is a dialog consists of two persons or more who have opinion each others. It can use the expressions, such as in my opinion, in my view, I think etc. Argument dialogue is a dialog that states the arguments or reasons. It can use the words such as first, second etc for arranging arguments. Asking opinion : Formal : Have you got any comments on ….. Do you have any idea? Do you have any opinion on …… Would you give me your opinion on……….? What is your reaction to …… What is your opinion about……….? What are you feeling about………….? What are your views on……….? Please give me your frank opinion? Informal: What do you think of…….? What do you think about………? What is your opinion? Why do they behave like that? Do you think it’s going? How do you like? How was the trip? How do you think of Rina’s idea ? How do you feel about this dicition? Giving opinion Formal : I personally believe ….. I personally consider …. I personally think /feel …. I hold the opinion …. My own view of the matter is …… Well, personally ……. If I had my view, I would ….. Informal I think I like it. I don’t think I care for it. I think it’s good/nice/terrific…….. I think that awful/ not nice/ terrible………… I don’t think much of it. I think that…….. In my opinion, I would rather………. In my case ….. What I’m more concerned with …. What I have in my mind is……… The way I see is that………… No everyone will agree with me, but …. To my mind ….. From my point of view …. Dialog Example Mr. Zoe : What do you think of my new house? Shane : It is beautiful. I think. Oh you have many novels in your new house. Mr. Zoe : Yeah, some. I like Andrea Hirata’s novels. Shane : How do you feel about Andrea Hirata’s novels ? Mr. Zoe : I feel they are great novels. Shane : Yes, you are right. I think it is going to rain. Mr. Zoe : I don’t think so. Look outside at the sky! It’s so clear. No clouds there. Shane : But I watched the weather forecast yesterday. It said that today is going to rain. OK Mr. Zoe see you.


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