Kamis, 08 Januari 2015

spoof text

Some time ago the ruin of an unfortunate Adam Air was found. The only passenger found ‘still alive’ was a monkey. Surprisingly, the monkey could speak using ‘Tarzan’s language’ to the investigators, when it was interrogated about what really happened just before the accident. When the investigators asked “What were the pilot and stewardess doing at that time?”, the monkey touched the fingers of the left hand to the fingers on the right signaling that they were dating and ‘kissing’. The investigators continued asking “What were the passengers doing?”. The monkey held both its hand palms under its cheek, signaling that they were sleeping. The investigators wondered “And what were you doing at that time?”. The monkey raised both hands and showed its fists as though it had been holding the steering wheel, signaling that the monkey itself drove the plane!! spoof

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