Rabu, 25 Februari 2015


Megawati’s and Yudoyono’s family backgrounds show similarities and differences. Megawati is accustomed to living in state palace, her father was the former Indonesian president. Megawati has always had everything done for her. She hardly knows how to struggle for earning a living. She once entered a university but she didn’t finish it for certain reasons. She is not talkative and seems to hardly concern to others. Yudoyono is accustomed to living in a strict discipline manner, his father was an army. He is a loyalist. He has always worked hard to achieve what he wanted. Unlike Megawati, Yudoyono could finish his university education even until doctorate degree, instead of his military educational background. Yudoyono was a sociable person. Both of these notified figure used to served as high rank government officials in this country. Megawati and Yudoyono have a great contribution to this nation.

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