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contoh soal uas sma kelas x

Soal bagian ke 1 A.Choose the correct answer by crossing A,B,C.D or E ! Text for question number 1-4 1. Who is the speaker above ? a. Fida Munaji b. Munaji c. Arman d. Father e. Aditya 2. How many siblings that She have ? a. One sister b. Two siblings c. Three brothers d. Two sisters e. Four brother 3. What is her Father nationality ? a. Australia b. Indonesian c. Australian d. German e. Indonesia 4. What are her hobbies ? a. Playing volley ball and football c. Playing volley ball and swimming e. Playing volley ball b. Playing swimming and basket ball d. Playing chess and volley ball 5. Susan : Good afternoon, Mrs. Sarah Sarah : Afternoon,…………………….. ? Susan : I am pretty fine thank you. a. How do you do b. You’re nice c. what are you d. How’s life e. Nice to meet you 6. Emma : Hi, Daddy.What do you do? Daddy : Hi, I am a student. Emma : Ok, thank you. What does the underlined sentence express to ? a. Interest b. Hobby c. Profession d. Opinion e. Introduction 7. What is the nasionality of USA ? a. English b. America c. New York d. Canada e. Americana 8. Lucia : could you …………. the radio? My mother is sick. Ilham : Alright. a. turn on b. turn in c. turn back d. turn off e. turn up For number 9-13. (Complete the missing words !) Joni : Where do you ……………… (1) ? Lita : I work for vacation tour and travel Joni : What do you do there? Lita : I’m a …………. (2).I take people on hours to several cities in Indonesia. Joni : That’s ……….. (3) ! Lita : yes, it’s a great job. I love it ! And what do you do ? Joni : I’m a student,and I’m doing a …………… (4) , too. Lita : Where do you work ? Joni : I work in a fast food restaurant. I …………… (5) there. Lita : Mr.Donalds ? Joni : No, I work for Macburger. 9. a. cook burger b. part time job c. sound interesting d. guide e. work 10. a. cook burger b. part time job c. sound interesting d. guide e. work 11. a. cook burger b. part time job c. sound interesting d. guide e. work 13. a. cook burger b. part time job c. sound interesting d. guide e. work 14. a. cook burger b. part time job c. sound interesting d. guide e. work 15. Arrange “now-playing-is-football-Alexandro” a. Alexandro is playing now football c. Now Alexandro is foot ball playing b. Football is playing Alexandro now e. Foot ball palaying is Alexandro now. c. Alexandro is playing foot ball now 16. What is the language of India? a. India b. Indian c. Hindi d. Hindiana e. Hindustan 17. “Until the next time” the expressioan of……… a. greeting b. introducing c. nationality d. leaving e. opinion 18. Simple present form: My father …………………… in the office. (work) a. was work b. work c.works d. is work e. worked 19. Present Continous Tense : She ………………… at present. (work) a. is working b. was working c. works d. is work e. worked 20. “Yes, sure. Writing is what attracts me most.” The respon of ……….. expression. a. profession b. hobby c. nation d. greeting e. thanking Soal bagian ke 2 Choose the correct answer! Text 1 (this text is for questions 1-5) When I was a boy, I liked swimming very much. Each year my two brothers and I spent the holiday with our uncle and aunt in their house by the sea. It was only twenty yards from the water. The water was warm, the sun shone brightly, and most days there were no waves. In the middle of the day a wind always began to blow, butit was not strong and didn’t make the sea rough. One day, we put on our swimming-shorts before breakfast. Then, we ran down to the sea across the sand and jumped in. we were in the sea or on the beach until late at night.when our aunt rang a bell, we went back to the house for food, but we ate it in our swimming-shorts and soon went back in the sea again. We were all very good swimmer. We dived through the waves or rode towards the beach on top of them until we were tired and hungry. 1. The generic structure of the first paragraph is… a. Events d. complication b. Description e. reorientation c. Orientation 2. How many person are there in the story? a. One b. two c. three d. four e. five 3. “ … we put on our swimming-shorts before breakfast.” (P.2,L.1) The underlined word means … a. To let b. to use c. to take d. to wear e. to bring 4. What is the communicative purpose of the text? a. To retell the writer’s experience d. to discuss the writer’s experience b. To report the writer’s experience e. to describe the writer’s eperience c. To explain the writer’s experience 5. Who is the main character in the story above? a. The writer c. the writer’s uncle e. the reader b. The writer’s aunt d. the writer’s brother Text 2 (this text is for questions 6-8) The Father and His Sons A father had a family of sons who were always fighting. He had no luck trying to stop their arguments. With words, so he decided to teach them a lesson. He told his sons to bring him a bunch of sticks and gave them to his eldest son and asked himto break them. The eldest son tried with all his strength but was not able to do it. The other sons tried and were also unsuccessful. The father said,” my sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be like these sticks together, but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as a single stick. 6. What is the social function of the text? a. To amuse the reader about the father and hia sons b. To explain the reader to bring him a bunch of sticks c. To describe the reader about the father and his sons d. To persuade the reader about the father and his sons e. To teach the reader to stop their arguments with words 7. What lesson can we learn from the text? a. We have to teach them each other b. We have to divide among ourselves c. We have to unite to assist each other d. We have to break as easily as a single stick e. We have to try with all our strength to do it 8. “… and unite to assist each other, … .” the antonym of the underlined word is… a. Join b. help c. follow d. notice e. separate 9. The water is nearly two meters high, ... ? a. Isn’t it b. is it c. doesn’t it d. didn’t it e. don’t it 10. I can’t fight the flood waters, … ? a. Can I b. do I c. did I d. am I e. will I 11. Tsunami is caused by displacement of a large volume of a water. the active sentence of the sentence above is … a. Displacement of a large volume of a water caused Tsunami b. Displacement of a large volume of a water causes Tsunami c. Displacement of a large volume of a water is causing Tsunami d. Displacement of a large volume of a water will cause Tsunami e. Displacement of a large volume of a water has caused Tsunami 12. We studied English last week. Change into passive sentence! a. English was studied by us last week d. English is being studied by us b. English is studied by us last week e. English studied by us last weeks c. English was studied by we last week TEXT 3 (this text is for questions 13-16) Sometimes river receives a lot of extra water. When this happens, the water overflows from its normal path in the riverbed and possibly onto dry land. This is called a flood. During a flood, people should move themselves and their most precious belongings to higher ground quickly. The process of leaving homes behind in search of a safe place is called evacuation. During a flood there is plenty of water, but it is mostly polluted and not safe to drink. If people drink the dirty water, they may suffer from illnesses or diseases such as typhoid and cholera. People can get ready to survive a flood by filling many containers with fresh and clean drinking water and using sandbags to store food or protect their house because sandbags soak up water. 13. What kind of genre is the text above? a. Descriptive c. Explanation e. Recount b. Narrative d. Procedure 14. What is the communicative purpose of the text? a. To tell how and why things or events work or occur b. To describe a particular person, place or things specifically c. To tell the past experience d. To amuse / entertain the readers, viewers, or listeners e. To persuade someone to buy or use what he/she offers 15. The generic structure of the first paragraph is … a. Explanation d. Identification b. Closing statement e. Orientation c. General statement 16. “ During a flood, people should move themselves and their most precious belongings to higher ground quickly.” “themselves” refers to … a. People b. flood c. ground d. precious e. move 17. “ saya membeli mobil tahun lalu.” Translate into English! a. I buy car last year b. I bought car last year c. I will buy car last year d. I have bought car last year e. I’m buying car last year 18. She … in Bandung for two years a. work c. worked e. have worked b. works d. has worked 19. Elena : Hey, April, … ! I just heard that you got a perfect score on the English Exam. April : Thanks, El. a. Good morning d. Congratulation b. What is your name e. you are welcome c. I’m sorry Inbox From : Dinda Hi, Ren! Alex, Thohir, and I Are going to go to the ice rink Tmrw. Would you like to come? Hope you’ll come. Sat, June 21 3:45 PM 20. Who sent the message? a. Dinda c. Alex e. I b. Renny d. Thohir Soal bagian ke 3 Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e ! 1. Bona : Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Bona. I study at Islamic High School in Bandung. Denia : Hi, I’m Denia. I’m from Jambi. Nice to meet you. Bona : Nice to meet you too. The simple dialogue above expresses … a. Sympathy c. command e. introduction b. Attention d. prohibition 2. Mirna : Hi, Toni, … again after long holiday Toni : Hello, Mirna, nice to meet you too. Mirna : anyway, where did you go on the last holiday? a. How do you do c. how are you doing e. nice to meet you b. How are you d. glad to see you too 3. Dona : Ron, do you mind coming to our birthday party next Sunday? Rona : … Dona : okay, then, I’ll wait for you a. Frankly, I can’t go to your house d.Yes, of course b. No, I’ll come with pleasure e. I’m afraid I can’t c. No, I don’t want to come 4. Gery : Hi, Fik. My brother and I are going to attend the music show. Do you have time to go? Fikri : yes, I’d like that. What time will we go? From dialogue we know that Fikri is … a. Giving an opinion d. refusing the invitation b. Stating agreement e. accepting the invitation c. Asking for permission 5. April : you know, teacher just said I win the singing contest! Alya : really ? … a. Poor you c. don’t worry e. I’m glad to hear that b. It’s terrible d. what a sad news 6. Sandra : I lost my job. It is a disaster for me. Naila : … May you get a job soon. a. I’m glad c. That’s wrong e. That’s bad news b. I’m pleased d. I don’t think so Question 7-9 Woman : Why did you miss the math class? Man : 7. … Woman : How were you sick? Man : 8. … Woman : Did it get any batter? Man : I’m still feeling under the weather. Woman : Would you like anything? Man : I took some medicine earlier. Woman : 9. … Man : Thanks a lot 7. a. alright b. let me tell you e. it was challenging c. I was sick d. are you with me 8. a. I was lucky b. I had a cold e. the doctor was good c. I met the doctor d. the medicine was bitter 9. a. well done c. are you serious? e. alright b.show it to me d. get better soon 10. Sheila : Why don’t we order a glass of juice? It’s really hot. Adel : … . I’m so thirsty. a. Yeah, okay. d. it’s not great b. Oh no, sorry e. that not sounds good c. I think I’d rather go 11. Deriel : how about going home together and you could come by my My house and get it? Danil : … . I have an extracurricular activity after school a. Great d. I’m afraid I can’t b. Sure, if you like e. that’s a good idea c. Yes, I don’t mind 12. Dafa : I was shocked to hear you didn’t win the championship. You must be very upset Abyan : … Dafa : Don’t mention it. a. I’m sorry to hear that d. really? b. Thank you very much e. I’m happy c. I’m glad to hear that 13. The pupils are bored with the English lesson. The teacher should … the lesson more interesting for pupils. a. Make c. has made e. will make b. Made d. making 14. You are … young to drive a car a. very c. must e. should b. too d. enough 15. These are the language that should be done in advertising, except … a. Evocative c. persuasive e. passive sentence b. Informative d. powerful language

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