Senin, 01 Desember 2014

Expression Of Surprise

Expression Of Surprise Expression of surprise is a feeling caused by something happening suddenly or unexpectedly. Example Of Surprises: Ana: "Hi, What are you talking? Bobby: "Oh you Ana.. We are talking about You..You the winner of Sains Olympiad. " Ana: "wow. What a surprise..." Bobby: "Yeah you are the winner.. Good Job friend..." Ana: "Oh booby. Thank you.." Bobby: "It's Ok.." Here are some expressions of surprise Expressing surprise Responding Wow! What a surprise! Yeah! That’s a surprise! It is That’s very surprising! Yup! Really? Positively! What? It’s true Are you serious? You must be joking I’m serious You’re kidding! No, I’m not Fancy that! It is I must say it surprises me Does it? When you got surprising fact, you can say: • Do you know what? • Believe it or not? • You may not believe it, but..... • Can you believe this? Expression Of Disbelief Expression of Disbelief is an expressing to refust or be unable to belief something or somebody. Example Of Disbelief.. Rara: "Hi guys..." Ina: "Hi Ra... What happen?" Rara: "Ina... Jesse come back from Bandung.." Ina: "Are you sure, Ra..? I don't believe that your information.." Rara: "Ina that's real. Jesse come back. This afternoon he's back.." Ina: "Oh Ra, Thank's for your information.. I must make a party tonight.." Expressing Disbelief I don’t believe it I can’t believe it It’s really unbelievable How could it be?

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