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Part 2 : Summary Developing a Pedagogy of Teacher Education Pedagogy is the art and science of educating children and focusing on the relationship between learning and teaching. Pedagogy includes other terms such as, teaching procedures, teaching practice, instruction and so on. Therefore, pedagogy is not merely the action of teaching, it is more about the relationship between teaching and learning and how together they led to growth in knowledge and understanding through meaningful practice. In pre-service teacher preparation programs, students of teaching seek to devel-op knowledge and skills of teaching and to learn how to competently apply these in practice. Developing a pedagogy of teacher education signifies that the relationship be-tween teaching and learning in the programs and practices of learning and teaching about teaching might be purposefully examined, described, articulated and portrayed in ways that enhance our understanding of this complex interplay. In teaching and learning about teaching, subject matter comprises at least the “theoretical” aspects of the “knowledge” of teaching (discipline of teaching). Both teachers and students of teaching not only must pay careful attention to the subject matter being taught, but also to the manner in which that knowledge is being taught; and both must overtly be embraced in a pedagogy of teacher education. In learning about teaching, students of teaching need to be conscious of their own learning so that they develop their understanding of the teaching prac-tices they experience in order to purposely link the manner in which they learn in a given situation with the nature of the teaching itself. Teaching about teaching should not be confused with modeling teaching practice. It involves not just teaching in ways congruent with the expectations one has of the manner in which preservice teachers might teach. It also involves unpacking teaching in ways that gives students access to the ped-agogical reasoning, uncertainties and dilemmas of practice that are inherent in understanding teaching as being problematic. It also involves helping to make clear how the teaching approach purposely en-courages learning and how learning influences teaching in action. One useful framework for considering the nature of teaching and learning about teaching is through the concepts of episteme and phronesis. .

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